ProSwing Update: April 2

To our ProSwing Family:

We opened our doors in September of 2002 and for the past 18+ years we have had the honor and privilege of helping and mentoring some of the best and most dedicated players and families in the tri-state area. We have been able to endure blackouts, blizzards, tornados, every type of storm, and economic hardships. However, these current conditions are different. All of us are affected by the dramatic adjustment to our “normal” lives and the uncertainty about our future.

There is NO DOUBT IN MY MIND that if we continue to support each other, and remain focused on who and what we love, our collective determination will bring a deeper understanding of COMMITMENT, PURPOSE and VALUES. I have already begun this process since receiving the many emails, phone calls and posts sending support and good wishes to everyone at ProSwing.

Since being required to close our facility, we have had to postpone all group programs, travel team practices, and lessons.

The players enrolled in the Tuesday MiniSlugger Class ONLY and Monday & Tuesday AfterSchool Classes ONLY will be given a 7 week credit for any future class with no expiration date. ALL other classes (Wednesday,Thursday,and Friday) that were charged per class and NOT the full amount for the session will be re- enrolled for our next session (Either Session 5 or Session 1 in the Fall), depending on when we can resume operations.

Currently, we have suspended all team practices. Sometime this month, the GHVBL will be sending out an email about the status of the Spring league. We will follow the guidelines and agenda that the league mandates. Spring & Summer tournaments have been either partially or fully paid in advance, and we will continue to monitor the status of each tournament venue moving forward.

Although we cannot currently provide lessons at our facility, we are actively pursuing lesson options in order to continue to bring you the highest quality instruction and keep baseball/softball relevant in everyone’s lives. Our website, ​​,provides the information necessary for every player to improve skill set, mental approach, knowledge of the game, and leadership skills. Remote training is available via Zoom. ProSwing On the Go allows the instructor to visit you at a field or backyard while keeping safety and CDC requirements as a primary focus. Finally, video analysis is offered by the player sending a skill video to ​​ and receiving, in return, a comprehensive report including appropriate drills and adjustments necessary.

I have always believed, and even bragged, that the ProSwing family has been the most loyal and appreciative group I have ever been around. The small part we play in building the future generation of players and leaders, both on and off the field, has never been taken for granted by me or my staff and never undervalued by you guys. THANK YOU for being an incredibly important part of our lives, THANK YOU for your support, and THANK YOU for being the people we will rely on once these difficult times are behind us.

ProSwing is dedicated to providing every player with the necessary fundamental skill set in order to maximize potential and excel on the ball field. Our teaching techniques and drills are based on sound, simple principles that allow for consistent development and a solid understanding of the different aspects of the game.  Every student is measured, taught and nurtured solely on their own ability level and desire to become better.  We believe the true value of youth athletics and after school activities are to use them as vehicles for individual self-esteem and confidence-building.  The daily mission is to create within our facility a safe, comfortable learning environment that enhances knowledge and passion for the game and accelerates personal satisfaction and growth.

Our goal is to train educate and inspire every player that walks in through our doors. We want to provide every player with the necessary fundamental skill set in order to maximize potential and excel on the ball field. Our instructors have extensive playing and coaching experience, with an understanding of the importance of being a role model.” —–Dan Gray, Owner.

  • Over 9,000 SqFt of pure indoor training awesomeness.
  • Highest quality staff with collegiate and professional baseball/softball experience.
  • Dedicated to training, educating and inspiring young athletes.
  • Wide variety of organized and custom programs and clinics.
  • We use video analysis and other advanced training tools.