Project Description

2018-2019 Tools of Intelligence Catching Program (TOI)

16 Sessions | 2.5hrs | Saturdays


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Saturdays 7:30am-10am

7:30-9:15am – Catching Instruction

9:15-10 – Strength & Conditioning by TP Strength

Nov. 10th - Feb. 23rd

16 Power Packed Sessions

Fee: $1,315

2 Payments

Tools of Intelligence Catching Program

“Players call the catcher’s armor the ‘tools of ignorance.’ Outfielders contend that no one in their senses would clutter themselves up with a mask, a heavy chest protector and weigh down their legs with shin guards. All of this when the mercury is trying to climb out of the top of the tube, and those outfielders are on vacation, waiting for something to happen.”

The TOI Program is designed for players who are committed to improving and learning the proper skills to be an effective catcher. Good information and consistent repetition on receiving, throwing, blocking, and footwork is the key to being a successful catcher, and as the least instructed position on the field, it be must be taught with care and accuracy. The ProSwing instructors have the training and playing experience as catchers to teach the position like no one else. At the TOI Program we make sure through explanation and demonstration, that all our students leave with an understanding of all the concepts and skills we teach, so, they can continue to improve independently. We teach the position with efficiency and precision.

Skills Covered

  • Stances
  • Receiving
  • Throwing
  • Blocking
  • Bunt Plays
  • Tag Plays
  • Wild Pitches
  • Pop Ups
  • Run Down

Concepts Covered

  • Staying underneath the ball
  • Soft hands
  • Creating throwing lanes
  • Positioning when not in play
  • Pitch Anticipation
  • Leader of the pitching staff
  • Field General
  • Game calling

TOI Instructors

Know where you stand

As part of the TOI Program, each player will receive a comprehensive evaluation from our trained staff. The player’s core strengths and weaknesses will be evaluated in a productive and constructive manner. This initial evaluation will serve as a reference point and a way to measure each player’s growth throughout the years. In addition, each player will receive a fair and straightforward assessment of where they fall within their age group.