Frequently Asked Questions about After School Programs

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Q: When should I register for the next session of my child’s after school programs?
A: AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! As many of you have already found out, our programs fill up quickly, especially over the winter months. Once a class has reached its maximum enrollment we can not extend that. This is due to staffing, spacing, and safety reasons. If you do not re-enroll in time to get in the next session and you get shut out, unfortunately all we can do is try to accommodate you on another day.

Q: How early can I drop my child off for their after school programs?
A: It is wise to plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early for class, keeping in mind we will begin class promptly at the posted start time. Kids will be lined up as they arrive and will be instructed to wait patiently for the coaches to start attendance & warm-ups. Please note we are not responsible for your children until the start of class…so if you are dropping them off please make sure you have discussed with them the importance of paying attention, being patient for class to begin, and especially REMAINING INSIDE THE FACILITY AT ALL TIMES!

Q: Do I need to come inside at pick-up?
A: YES. Some of the classes are large and it is unreasonable to expect our coaches to know who is being picked up by who, when. Due to a lot of parking lot activity at certain times we ask that you please discuss with your child the importance of REMAINING INSIDE THE FACILITY until their ride has come inside to get them! There are benches located near the front door for them to wait patiently. Please note we are not responsible for your children once class ends.

Q: Does my child need to bring their own equipment?
A: YES. While we do have loaners available, coaches like to stress the importance of players getting used to their own equipment. This includes bat, glove & helmet. Please make sure all of your child’s equipment is labeled with their names, and that they leave with only their equipment at the end of class. ProSwing is not responsible for lost equipment…but 9 times out of 10 lost equipment is returned to the facility if it has your child’s name on it!
Q: How should my child be dressed for their after school programs?
A: We like the kids to be comfortable while they are here. For some this means sweats and a t-shirt…for others this means full uniform. Whatever keeps your child happy is okay with us, just please make sure they are dressed reasonably for physical activity and are wearing proper footwear which includes sneakers, turfs, or non-metal cleats. Anything other than these are considered unsafe so please plan ahead when packing your child’s bags in the morning…especially in the warmer weather (flip-flops etc are not acceptable) and in the winter (snow boots etc are not acceptable).

Q: If my child is unable to attend their scheduled class on any given day can I schedule a make-up?
A: No. Due to class size and coach availability ProSwing does not offer make-up classes. Please consider this when registering your child for their programs. The only days we do not offer classes are Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas Day, New Year’s Week, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day & July 4th. We offer classes during Winter Break as well as Spring Break. This is due to the fact that our players come from various school districts which have varying breaks. So it is likely there is a scheduled class during your child’s break, aside from the week of New Years Day.