Project Description

Private & Semi-Private Lessons

Baseball & Softball

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One-on-one (or 1-2, 1-3, 1-4) instructional lessons allow each player to improve his or her skills in different fundamental areas including pitching, fielding (infield/outfield), base-running (including sliding techniques), hitting and throwing mechanics. Lessons are 45 minutes or an hour and focus on mechanics, mental approach and self-esteem.

Lesson Pricing (Baseball or Softball)

Individual Lesson (1-1)

45 Min

Individual Lesson (1-1) $80
10-Lesson Package (1-1)$750 
20-Lesson Package (1-1) $1,400

 Group Lesson

2-Player Lesson (2-1)$115 
3-Player Lesson (3-1)$150 
4-Player Lesson (4-1) $180

Group Lesson Packages

10-Lesson Package (2 Person)
10-Lesson Package (3 Person)$1,425 
10-Lesson Package (4 Person) $1,600