Project Description

2017-2018 Top Gun Throwing Program


32 Sessions | Tuesdays & Sundays

Ages 12 & up

Sundays 4:30-6pm
November 19-March 11

Tuesdays 8-9:30pm
November 21-March 6

Fee: $1,440 for Both Days

The Top Gun Throwing Program

The Top Gun Throwing Program is designed for players who are committed to improving arm strength and velocity through sound, solid, scientific drills and principles. Quality information and consistent repetition on developing specific muscle groups plus learning the kinematic sequence and biomechanical movements are the key to each player throwing harder and more efficiently. The program will establish a series of throwing fundamentals in order to repeat a sustainable delivery for success on the field while enhancing player awareness of arm care and injury prevention. The Top Gun Throwing Program curriculum will be executed through explanation and demonstration so that it allows our students the ability to leave with an understanding of all the concepts and skills we teach so they can continue to improve independently.



Points of Emphasis

  • Video analysis breakdown of delivery
  • How to use body to gain velocity versus using arm
  • Hip and shoulder separation
  • Triple extension (hip, knee, ankle)
  • Ground forces and reaction
  • Arm care and injury prevention (resistance band work)
  • Understand and master kinematic sequence
  • Enhance body size and strength for peak performance
  • Learn mental game at high level
  • Develop confidence and poise through preparation
  • Learn to how to read and dominate hitters
  • Med/Bosu ball training

Knowing where you stand

As part of the Top Gun Throwing Program, each player will receive a comprehensive evaluation from our trained staff. The player’s core strengths and weaknesses will be evaluated in a productive and constructive manner. The initial evaluation with radar gun reading will serve as a reference point and a way to measure each player’s development throughout the program.

Top Gun Instructors

Senior Baseball Instructor/Program Director
Head Instructor

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