Project Description

DimondFit Baseball Evaluation System

DiamondFit Baseball

The key to any evaluation is being consistent by measuring every athlete using the same scale and criteria. DiamondFit Baseball is a standard evaluation system with no variables where testing scores help determine player placement on travel, town, and recreational baseball and softball programs.

DiamondFit Baseball Evaluation System

  • evaluation system for all youth athletes
  • 60/70/90 ft dash to measure the players speed.  40 yard dash is applicable for players at the high school level.
  • fielding thru the use of a jugs machine which allows players to receive consistent ground balls measuring ground balls hit directly at them, to their glove side, and backhand
  • fly balls will be used to measured a players athleticism
  • measuring arm strength and velocity through the use of a radar gun using a standard and running start.
  • measuring of a players hitting ability thru the use of HitTrax

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Running/Athleticism
  2. Fielding
  3. Arm Strength
  4. Hitting/Power

For more information on how to set up your personal or team evaluation, contact Sam Colon by phone at 914-937-6700 or via email at