Project Description

Playing tournament softball these days requires an enormous commitment by the player, their parents and our entire staff.   At ProSwing, our goal, in addition to training, is to create an environment where everyone involved values the time they spend together.  (After all we’re going to spend a great deal of time together).  Our coaches focus on teaching, fostering teamwork and making sure there are no ‘cliques’–both on the field and behind the fence.  We aim to create place where when one tournament is over, you can’t wait for the next one.   We build teams from within–starting with top-notch coaches.


A word from Director of Softball

Margaret Scarcella

Head Coach and Softball Director Margaret, along with Assistant Coach Tereza, have been with the same team for the last 3 seasons.  Our coaches have no kids of their own on the team but you couldn’t tell that by the way the players are treated.  We’re not the type of organization that replaces half the team every season looking for upgrades at all positions.  We like to build our teams from the ground up.  In fact, this 14U team has maintain eight of the same players from our very first season.  Some girls move away, some decide it’s too much (or not enough) for them and others are looking for greener pastures.  We understand that, but at ProSwing we’re trying to build positive memories for our girls that will last a lifetime while simultaneously preparing them for whatever level they chose to play next.  Come find out for yourselves what it’s like to be part of the ProSwing Lady Pride Team.

Pictures provided by Jill Rogovic