Project Description

2018-19 TOI Catching + Hitting Program

Fall & Winter Sessions

Ages 10 & Up

Registration Options

Walk-ins: $50    |   $50 discount if you registered for previous sessions | Contact the Front Desk 914-937-6700

[hc-hmw snippet=”TOI”] Session 2: No class 2/13, 2/17, 2/20, 2/22

Do you know why some people call the Catcher’s gear “tools of ignorance”? 

Because those are the types of people who won’t strap it on!  In fact, most people refer to the gear as TOI or “tools of ignorance”. But here at ProSwing we call it the “Tools of Intelligence”. Come sign up for the most informative catchers program out there, hands down.


Through a series of specialized drills designed to enhance peak performance, we will build a solid foundation necessary to dominate physically and mentally.  We will teach the fundamental skills and the mental approach to help your team win.  Learn what it takes to be the most effective catcher in your league.

Learn advanced skills and gain a better sense of balance, agility, quickness and strength. Find out the best ways to help pitchers and be a team leader. Get professional evaluation and insight to build a strong foundation for future development behind the plate.  Through simple explanation, demonstration and hands-on instruction, each catcher will elevate their skill level, improve their game performance and be empowered with the knowledge of a pro.

Because this is a complete catching program, we want our players to work on all aspects of their games.   In addition to our strength and conditioning training specifically for catchers we’re also dedicating a porting of the 2 hour program to hitting.  Coach Jefferson will work with all the catchers to insure that their hitting mechanics are as explosive and refined as their catching.

Program Structure

  • 30min Catchers conditioning
  • 50min Catchers specific fundamental skill work
  • 40min Hitting

Points of Emphasis

  • Catchers Stance

  • Receiving/Framing

  • Footwork and arm action drills for throwing to bases

  • Blocking and tag-play techniques
  • Fielding bunts and pop-ups
  • Run downs and tag plays

  • “Controlling the game” as team leader

  • Hitting

  • Strength & Conditioning designed specifically for catchers