Project Description

Training & Conditioning

Individual, Small Group, or Team Training Available

Whether you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior or just plain interested in maintaining or achieving a healthy lifestyle, personal fitness is an element essential to any program. At ProSwing we cater to all who strive to improve their overall health and fitness.  Both athletic and traditional functional training are again available for participants of all ages and levels of current fitness regardless of sports played or not.  While ProSwing is an athletic facility with a concentration in sports development – specifically baseball and softball – we are now expanding our fitness and training program to include the entire community. Everyone will now have the opportunity to adopt a fitter and healthier lifestyle at our facility.  ProSwing is committed to creating a fitness regime that will be built specifically around each individual’s current health level and desired goals in order to provide a healthy and fit lifestyle for everyone.

Here are some of the programs we are now offering:

 Private individual training

 Small group sessions

 Separate “boot camps” for men, women or young people

 Group or family “boot camps”

 Team training

 Call 914-937-6700 and ask for Dave or contact him directly at:

Dave Fisher is a well rounded athletic and fitness professional whose talent and knowledge has inspired many to strive for a healthy and fit lifestyle. From a very young age Dave was into athletics. He participated in many sports from basketball to football and baseball. Being an athlete, as Dave grew older the gym became his second home. His experience and knowledge in the gym started at the age 15. Over the past 12 years, he has learned and been educated in many different aspects of fitness as he encountered many professional experts and trainers in and outside of his baseball career. Through his experiences in both college and professional baseball along with the guidance of fitness professionals, Dave has developed a strong knowledge in functional training as well as athletic training. His ability to adapt to people’s needs and strengths allows him to create personal and structured fitness plans to achieve the goals of his respected clients while preventing injury. Dave’s philosophy of aspiring to better oneself has allowed him to develop a passion for helping others on the journey to a healthy and fit lifestyle. Being certified with ACE Fitness, Dave is a motivator for his clients while helping them to push beyond limits that they never could imagine was possible. Once a scrawny young child, Dave has taken his passion for fitness to gain strength, endurance and power.

Personal 1-1 Training

Sessions 1 Hour 45 Minutes
1 Session $100 $75
10 Session Package $900 $700
20 Session Package $1,600 $1,400

Small Group Personal Training

Sessions People 1 Hour
1 Session 2 People $110
3 People $150
4 People $180
 10 Session Package  2 People  $1,000
 3 People  $1,350
 4 People  $1,600
 20 Session Package  2 People  $1,800
 3 People  $2,420
 4 People  $2,800