Project Description

Triple Threat | Fielding and Hitting Clinic

Fundamentals of power slapping, soft slapping and drag bunting

Mondays & Wednesdays | 12U & Up

Triple Threat Slapping

with Jordan Gurganus

Mechanics of Slapping

Through drills, tee work and front toss, players will receive direct instruction on the various slapping fundamentals. From drag bunting and soft slapping, to power slapping.  Players will walk away with in-depth knowledge of how and when to use each tool from their “triple threat” tool box.

Reading a Defense

A slappers ability to read a defense plays just as big of a role as anything else during an at-bat. Slappers are taught to use their strengths against any defense, usually leading to chaos on the field. Players are taught how to determine and execute the tools that will most likely lead to a successful situation. Slappers will learn how to think for themselves, helping them with raising confidence and empowerment as a slapper.

Speed Training

Through competitive individual and team agility drills, players will be pushed to their fullest potential to maximize their speed as well as improve their running for and technique.

Defending the Slap

Through live situational drills, slappers will practice using what they already know about slapping on the offensive side, and use it to their advantage when trying to defend against an opposing slapper in the box.

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