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T.O.I. Elite Catching Program

The TOI Program is designed for players who are committed to improving and learning the proper skills to be an effective catcher. Good information and consistent repetition on receiving, throwing, blocking, and footwork is the key to being a successful catcher, and as the least instructed position on the field, it be must be taught […]

Top Gun Arm Care Throwing Program

The Top Gun Complete Arm Care Pitching Program is a training regiment specifically designed to help pitchers during a critical point in their off-season. It’s a 20 session program with an emphasis on velocity development, pitch design, and strength & conditioning. This program will be focusing on long toss, light medicine ball drills to work […]

Baseball and Softball Lessons

baseball & softball lessons banner

Instructional lessons allow each player to improve his or her skills in different fundamental areas including pitching, fielding (infield/outfield), base-running (including sliding techniques), hitting and throwing mechanics. Lessons are 45 minutes or an hour and focus on mechanics, mental approach and self-esteem. Along with over 60+ years of combined training experience we use the latest […]