Project Description

Mini-Sluggers Program

Monday thru Friday from 1-2:00pm for Ages 3-5

Download Registration
Download Registration

For boys and girls

This program is for players with little or no baseball experience.  Players are divided by age and/or skill level into small groups.  Each class begins with warm-up exercises followed by a rotation to different stations within our facility; Hitting, pitching, grounders, pop-ups, throwing, sliding, fielding, etc.  Our famous wiffle ball games allow the players the opportunity to apply what they are learning in a game-like situation.  The emphasis is always on fun and safety.

* No Class on Sept. 2nd

Day (#)DatesPrice
Mondays (7)Sept. 9th – Oct. 21st*$259
Tuesdays (8)Sept. 3rd – Oct. 22nd$296
Wednesdays (8)Sept. 4th – Oct. 23rd$296
Thursdays (8)Sept. 5th – Oct. 24th$296
Fridays (8)Sept. 6th – Oct. 25th$296

* No Class on Nov. 28th  & 29th

Day (#)DatesPrice
Mondays (8)Oct. 28th – Dec. 16th$296
Tuesdays (8)Oct. 29th – Dec. 17th$296
Wednesdays (8)Oct. 30th – Dec. 18th$296
Thursdays (7)Oct. 31st – Dec. 19th*$259
Fridays (7)Nov. 1st – Dec. 20th*$259

* No Class week of Feb. 17-21st

Day (#)DatesPrice
Mondays (8)Jan. 6th – Mar. 2nd*$296
Tuesdays (8)Jan. 7th – Mar. 3rd$296
Wednesdays (8)Jan. 8th – Mar. 4th$296
Thursdays (8)Jan. 9th -Mar. 5th$296
Fridays (8)Jan. 10th – Mar. 6th$296

* No Class week of April 6th-10th

Day (#)DatesPrice
Mondays (8)Mar. 9th – May. 4th$296
Tuesdays (8)Mar. 10th -May. 5th$296
Wednesdays (8)Mar. 11th – May 6th$296
Thursdays (8)Mar. 12th – May 7th$296
Fridays (8)Mar. 13th – May 8th$296

* No Class May 25th

Day (#)DatesPrice
*Mondays (5)May 11th- Jun. 15th*$185
Tuesdays (6)May 12th – Jun. 16th$222
Wednesdays (6)May 13th – Jun. 17th$222
Thursdays (6)May 14th – Jun. 18th$222
Fridays (6)May 15th – Jun. 19th$222