Minors – After School Clinic

Mon. thru Thur. from 4-5:00pm for Ages 8-9

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Download Registration

ProSwing’s After School programs are designed to provide each individual player with the necessary fundamental skill set to maximize potential and excel on the ball field. Our instructors have the playing and coaching experience to implement the teaching philosophies required to help our kids learn the basic skills of pitching, hitting, throwing, sliding, fielding and the rules of the game. All this done in a safe environment where sportsmanship, fun and success are used to foster a love for the Game of Baseball.

For boys and girls

* No Class on Sept 7th

Day (#)DatesPrice
Mondays (7)Sept. 14th – Oct. 19th$259
Tuesdays (8)Sept. 8th – Oct. 20th$296
Wednesdays (8)Sept. 9th – Oct. 21st$296
Thursdays (8)Sept. 10 – Oct. 22nd$296

* No Class on Nov. 26th

Day (#)DatesPrice
Mondays (8)Oct. 26th – Dec. 14th$296
Tuesdays (8)Oct. 27th – Dec. 15th$296
Wednesdays (8)Oct. 28th – Dec. 16th$296
Thursdays (7)Oct. 29th – Dec. 17th*$259

* No Class week of Feb. 15th – 19th

Day (#)DatesPrice
Mondays (8)Jan. 4th – Mar. 1st$296
Tuesdays (8)Jan. 5th – Mar. 2nd$296
Wednesdays (8)Jan. 6th – Mar. 3rd$296
Thursdays (8)Jan. 7th -Mar. 4th$296

* No Class week of March 29th – April 2nd

Day (#)DatesPrice
Mondays (8)Mar. 8th – May. 3rd$296
Tuesdays (8)Mar. 9th -May. 4th$296
Wednesdays (8)Mar. 10th  – May 5th$296
Thursdays (8)Mar. 11th – May 6th$296

* No Class May 31st

Day (#)DatesPrice
*Mondays (5)May 10th – Jun. 14th*$185
Tuesdays (6)May 11th – Jun. 15th$222
Wednesdays (6)May 12th – Jun. 16th$222
Thursdays (6)May 13th – Jun. 17th$222


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