Strength & Conditioning

Individual, Small Group, or Team Training Available

Whether you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior or just plain interested in maintaining or achieving a healthy lifestyle, personal fitness is an element essential to any program. At ProSwing we cater to all who strive to improve their overall health and fitness.  Both athletic and traditional functional training are again available for participants of all ages and levels of current fitness regardless of sports played or not.  While ProSwing is an athletic facility with a concentration in sports development – specifically baseball and softball – we are now expanding our fitness and training program to include the entire community. Everyone will now have the opportunity to adopt a fitter and healthier lifestyle at our facility.  ProSwing is committed to creating a fitness regime that will be built specifically around each individual’s current health level and desired goals in order to provide a healthy and fit lifestyle for everyone.

Here are some of the programs we are now offering:

  • Private individual training
  • Small group sessions
  • Separate “boot camps” for men, women or young people
  • Group or family “boot camps”
  • Team training

With advances in research, youth strength & conditioning and sports performance training is now becoming the rule rather than the exception. We will design a safe, effective and efficient program individualized for each athlete with precise consideration of their skill level, age, sport, position and goals.

We have partnered with Tim Panetta, a ProSwing alumni, to offer complete athletic training in-house.  Tim’s TP Strength has opened its new state-of-the-art training center right within ProSwing.  All speed and agility and strength and conditioning for teams and specialty clinics will now be run by Tim and his team of professional trainers.

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